John Andrilla’s Portfolio

As an author, I’ve studied, planned and written about a wide variety of subjects. Here’s a brief sample of my work. It’s important to consider the purpose and the context in which most of this work was created. The articles linked here were designed for a specific audience within a narrow set of products. An audience that likely has substantial technical skills.

Email support for general email users

Fix email delivery issues for error code 5.1.1 through 5.1.20 in Office 365. Viewable at

Fix email delivery issues for error code 5.1.10 in Office 365. Viewable at

Information security for Microsoft Exchange administrators

Data loss prevention (and 95% of subtopics). Viewable at

Transport rules (and 95% of subtopics). Viewable at

S/MIME for message signing and encryption. Viewable at

Advanced threat protection for safe attachments and safe links. Viewable at

Anti-spam and anti-malware support for Office 365 administrators

Fixing connector validation errors. Viewable at

Office 365 Email Anti-Spam Protection. Viewable at

Prevent false positive email marked as spam with a safelist or other techniques. Viewable at

Block email spam with the Office 365 spam filter to prevent false negative issues. Viewable at

Project management and process development

Designed, implemented and analyzed content usability studies

Consulted on Office 365 product user interface reviews

Designed group strategy for search engine optimization. Created training and taught peer writers to research, implement and measure SEO success

As scrum master, implemented agile change-management process for international contributors to globally used procedure guides

Created and managed a customer interaction team that facilitated live events among software designers and customers

Created metrics dashboards and customer activity reports for teams with no pre-existing data culture

Architecture and Engineering consultant reports

Draft and final environmental impact statements to meet State Environmental Policy Act and National Environmental Policy Act requirements, lead editor

Transportation plans, Biological resource assessments, Chemical and Toxicological reports, project editor and publisher

The catch-all collection of randomness

Editorial style guides

Team process guides for software tools and content strategies

Search engine optimization training and reference guides

Technical support guides

In-product help content for Office 365

Engineering textbook manuscripts

Corporate Standard Operating Procedures for data center operations

Application Programming Interface reference guides

Aerospace marketing collateral

National convention presentations

Video scripts

B2B marketing journalism, B2C magazine journalism

Shopping lists