Example project, Office 365 email errors

Summary: This page provides some context, example content output, and summary results for one of my content projects: Microsoft Exchange non-deliverable reports.

Background: Support calls and costs related to this email product had been increasing for months, customers were getting frustrated. I analyzed feedback, support service root causes, and gaps in related content. I met with product engineers and dove into the detailed solutions for customers. As a team, we established metrics for key performance indicators. Although reengineering product functionality was part of the project, a significant burden rested with the communication and the support content we provided to customers.

Purpose: Improve customer satisfaction and reduce support costs. In order to achieve this we would strive to provide two things through content publishing: 1. Easy-to understand self-help, so that any email user, a non-technical customer, could fix problems on their own. 2. Detailed error reports with specific information so that email system administrators could fix problems within their scope and not contact technical support.

Example content:


Results: Success! Each month after publishing the new non-deliverable reports with new support content, the volume of support calls dropped. Three months after publishing the highest priority content, the support calls dropped by double digits, saving the company tens of thousands of dollars. We cut in half the percentage of complaints about how complex the content and the solution were.