John D. Andrilla is a senior technical communicator

Thoughtful technical communicator with a passion for teamwork, project management, writing and editing.

I’ve always been driven by the adventure of helping other people discover something new or close an information gap. It’s been a blessing to do this in the Puget Sound region with it’s vibrant economy and abundant natural resources. I’ve taken advantage of both in my career as a publications professional.

Key competency areas include:

  • Writing and editing
  • Data analysis and research
  • Process and procedure improvements
  • Quality control
  • Search engine optimization
  • Event management
  • Identify and interview talent for hire

Industries served:

  • Enterprise software development
  • Web-based software as a service
  • B2B journalism
  • Consumer journalism
  • Aerospace manufacturing
  • Consulting engineering services: Environment, transportation, hydro, geotech, fisheries, architecture, more
  • Human resources
  • Environmental safety and health
  • Travel
  • Print publishing

activevoicer at outlook dot com


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