KPIs and Metrics – they aren’t reality

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Key Performance Indicators (KPI), metrics, balanced scorecard and other measurement based approaches to management have a common set of objectives: to give management visibility into what is happening in the organization. Perhaps you have noticed that in some organizations the metric values look good but deep within the organization, it’s actually…

Ten things I learned from the Society for Editors and Proofreaders conference 2017

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Earlier in September I drove exactly 150 miles to join approximately 150 other professionals for the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) conference near Cambridge. The theme this year was Context is key: why the answer to most questions is ‘It depends’. The sessions and conversations with…

5 criteria for a quality podcast, just like First Things | Practical Productivity

Do you enjoy a rotating playlist of podcasts and audio books?  For many people, audio content is an essential learning tool and it fills a niche that other media just can’t. The flexible format, low consumer cost and relatively low barrier to entry has made podcasting a mainstream media format. There are only a few… Continue reading 5 criteria for a quality podcast, just like First Things | Practical Productivity

Tech Writer Weekly by Activevoicer

Tech Writer Weekly by Activevoicer is curated techcomm industry news for content pros. Use it to improve your professional networking! Read the highlights @ every Monday morning and then start a discussion with your tribe. Download or import the .ics calendar reminder so you have a handy link and time on your calendar blocked… Continue reading Tech Writer Weekly by Activevoicer

Olympic participation data

These data visualizations are my-work-in-progress as I learn to use Tableau desktop. The data is based on Wikipedia. The economic effect on athletes, 50-year comparison The following image shows the relative number of men and women athletes who participated in each Olympic games between 1900 and 1950 (inclusive).  A few notes about colors and such:… Continue reading Olympic participation data

SEO: Not just for marketing

If your strategy to keep customers happy is to send them to an unknown site when they need help, then you can be sure they’ll express their pent-up emotions about your product over there too. Quick process flow: Customer with problem>Google>link to public Q&A forum>Read other problems>Read incorrect solution>Google>Blood pressure up>Call niece and complain. Fix… Continue reading SEO: Not just for marketing